Drawing by Jason Greene

For most of my previous life i was a physics, mathematics, computer science, and general studies student.  After a brief period in the Air Force, i moved on to a faculty position, first at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (in Lafayette), and then to the University of New Orleans.  More information about this can be found here.

I’ve long had an informal interest in music, as i have happily sung American folk or folk-inspired songs in private or during auto travels.  I also learned to play the Great Highland Bagpipes and served as a member of the Pipes and Drums of New Orleans for about 20 years.

When i retired from UNO, my second life rose to the fore.  Since highland pipes aren’t suitable for accompanying singing, i decided to learn to play guitar.  (My song, “Late Learner’s Progress”, describes this process.)  Since moving to North Carolina i have become more fully engaged in a musical life, as can be seen by the menu at the top of this page.