Little Bruiser

When the five members of Aspiration first started playing together, our sound consisted strictly of guitars and banjos.  A few times for special performances Rhonda Gouge joined us on bass guitar.  I was quite taken by the addition of the deep bass notes and runs, and decided to learn to play bass guitar to give Aspiration a more interesting collective sound.  I knew that i did not want a typical 34″ scale length bass guitar, so i did some internet searching.  I chose the Ibanez Mikro Bass, which has a 28.6″ scale length — not too much longer than that of a guitar (typically in the range of 24.9″ to 25.4″).  I chose the name Liitle Bruiser for him, the “Little” referring to the short scale (by bass standards) and “Bruiser” referring to the booming bass notes that emanate from it.

I added an Ampeg BA-108 as my bass amplifier, and took about a year of lessons from Rhonda.  I have now been playing bass guitar with Aspiration for over two years.  In the words of my song, “Instrumental Journey”,

Although sub-par, i play bass guitar
For not-the-best-band-you’ll-ever-meet

Our mix of two guitars, a banjo, and a bass is much more satisfying than our previous sound.  And frankly, i don’t need to spend as much time practicing the bass as i would guitar, leaving me more time for my other musical interests.